The SpiriTech Story

SpiriTech was born when its R&D team identified a way to radically alter the timelines and the economics of aging spirits.

We did this by combining the extraordinary talents of Larry Wu with the expertise and technologies that had enabled ConeTech to become the global leader in alcohol and flavor management in wine.

The result has been a proprietary system that harnesses entirely natural forces and delivers bourbon whiskey, for example, with exceptional color, flavor and aroma, with all the benefits of years of barrel aging but in a greatly reduced period of time.

Key to this is a totally natural system of “molecular segregation and reorganization” of key compounds in the product. This gives SpiriTech the ability, for example, to redefine what previously was determined only by several years in wood — followed by the ironic necessity of diluting these precious and expensive flavors when the time came for bottle proofing.

Exactly the same principles of natural molecular flavor profile management are applied to other spirits — e.g. rum, gin and even vodka, where the relationship between important natural flavor nuances and alcohol can likewise be “re-balanced” to create different desired profiles.  No alien substance or unnatural treatments of whatever kind are employed — only the re-direction and control of phenomena that occur naturally in all alcoholic beverages.

SpiriTech puts its unique combination of technologies and specialized IP at the service of spirits producers and, in the case of American whiskey, offers a finished product in bulk to certain types of independent bottler/marketer.